Properly ventilating a home is arguably the single most important factor when discussing the integrity of a roofing system. Unfortunately, this is an area where few homeowners pay much attention and as a result many of the homes in America are either over or under ventilated. The complications that come with an in improperly ventilated roof is far more than the average homeowner may realize and without being advised as to why this is important they may be costing themselves hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year without even realizing it.

To understand if you are unnecessarily hemorrhaging through improper ventilation, we first need to understand what a properly ventilated roofing system is. First and foremost, there should be an intake and outflow. Unfortunately, not every home is built the same, therefore, not every home will have the same ventilation. There are many different types of intake and outflow systems (please see articles on intake or outflow for more detailed information about each respective system). One of the most common intake systems are soffit vents and for outflow systems it would be ridge vent or roof louvers, commonly called “turtle vents” or “static vents.” The intake vents will allow cooler air to enter the attic space through a point on the roof that is lower than the apex and then expel through a higher point at the roof. This will decrease overall attic temperature and ultimately save a large amount of money.

When a roof is improperly ventilated it can cause a plethora of issues. These are some of the most common issues that are noted when a roof is not properly ventilated:

  • Opportunity for ice dams to occur due to limited air flow
  • Bonding agents in the plywood will deteriorate at a more rapid rate because of improper ventilation and will ultimately cause dry rot.
  • Higher energy cost due to higher temperature
  • Premature cracking, blistering and failure of shingles and roofing components
  • Higher moisture content in the attic space causing mold and rot

These are just a few of the more common issues that a homeowner will experience if their roof is not properly ventilated. Ultimately, these issues could cost the homeowner more money than their entire roofing system is worth if they do not address them promptly. Is your roof properly ventilated?

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