Squirrel Problems and Drip Edge, I bet you are wondering what these two things have in common? Unless you are in the home improvement or pest control industry you may not know what Drip Edge is. Drip Edge also known as Drip Metal or Drip Cap is generally a 1-2×3 inch roof flashing metal that bends along the edge of your roof and extends into your gutter approximately 1 inch. The Purpose of Drip Edge is to;

  1. Protect your home from insects and wildlife rodents.
  2. Provides a finished look to your roofing system.
  3. Resists wind driven rain.
  4. Improves water shredding – The faster water sheds from the roofing system the better. This helps protect the wood decking underneath and keep excess moisture out of your homes attic space.
  5. Covers the space between the deck and the fascia boards to prevent entry and movement.

Squirrels and Other Wildlife

But what about the squirrels?  Squirrels and other wildlife critters, as the temperatures get cooler, will try to find a warm place to stay. It is very common for squirrels and other wildlife to chew their way into your homes attic during the winter months. Squirrels and other wildlife critters can cost you thousands of dollars in damages. We recently repaired a home in Atlanta where squirrels had damaged their shingles, electrical and fascia and soffit areas costing them over $5,000 in damages. Here are some tips from a local wildlife expert, Mr.  Shawn Burrell, with ABC Home and Commercial Services

  1. Make sure you are properly storing your food as well as your pet’s food.
  2. Garbage cans need to be outside and away from the home.
  3. Keep doorway and window cracks sealed.
  4. Keep the home and surroundings clean and free from debris.
  5. Fill any gaps or holes around the home, roof and chimney.
  6. Use a routine pest control service for preventative maintenance.

We recommend calling your local pest control company for wildlife removal as the animals can attack you, carry diseases and the feces left could also be hazardous to your health.