Sarah Cool is part of our business development team and is extremely knowledgeable about the defective Atlas Chatlet shingle. Regal Restoration & Consulting has restored a roof in Canton, GA for Lisa Peterson, a real estate agent, this year. Lisa was very pleased, and wanted Sarah to offer her expertise on the Atlas Chalet shingle on her website.

Our roofing company team specializes in replacing Atlas Chalet roofs. Regal Restoration has replaced over 2500 Atlas Chalet Roofs since 2011 (click here to learn more).

Below is what Sarah said about the Atlas Chalet shingle on the Lisa Lee Realty website:

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From 1998 to 2010 several major shingle manufacturers made and distributed a faux architectural shingle that was intended to have a similar appearance to the true architectural shingle, but was sold to builders in Atlanta at a substantially lower cost. But with lower cost came lower quality, which meant that eventually what should have been a 30 year shingle was failing at 8 to 12 years. The Atlas Chalet, CertainTeed Horizon and the Owens Corning Prominence were all discontinued in 2010. All of these discontinued shingles have failed in several ways. The tar strip used to seal each course of shingles to the next course was very thin and burns off within a few years, leaving the shingles unstuck to each other, and very susceptible to wind damage with each strong wind and rain storm that blows through the area. Also, the shingles were loaded with lots of extra granules to create the architectural effect, but they were not properly adhered to the shingles, allowing them to wash off the shingles in strong rain storms, filling gutters, down spouts, driveways and sidewalks. They also blister and become brittle easily due to their inferior quality. All leading home owners to have to replace their roof systems decades earlier than they should have had to. These roof systems must be replaced entirely rather than repaired for several reasons. And most insurance companies will do so, if sufficient wind damage is discovered and reported as a no fault storm damage claim. Since the shingles are no longer manufactured and have not been since 2010, there is no shingle available to repair them with that is similar in like, kind, color or quality. Also, in order for the roof system to be code and warranty compliant, all components of the system must meet current code and warranty standards, which can only be accomplished by replacing the entire roof system. Our company, Regal Restoration, has been assisting home owners with insurance restoration claims on their discontinued roof systems for several years. We assist home owners all over the Atlanta area replace 50 to 60 roof systems monthly, helping them to work through the often complex process of submitting the claims properly, meeting with insurance adjusters, appraisers and engineers, and coming up with solutions beneficial to both the home owners and the insurance companies. To get the process started, Regal offers a free and no obligation wind storm inspection.

We would like to thank Lisa Peterson for allowing Sarah to educate her readers on her website about Atlas Chalet shingles.