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Regal Restoration has repaired and replaced thousands of roofs in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Dallas, Powder Springs, Cumming, Marietta, Canton, Acworth, and Villa Rica. We are now providing roofing services in the Metro Charlotte, NC area. Read what these people had to say about our roofing services:

“Mr. Sprattlin did a fantastic job from day one. He always answered his phone calls and responded to our email messages. I would definetly refer Regal and Mr. Sprattlin. Thank you all for your service.”

Troy Freeman

“I recommend Ron Oliver of Regal to any other residents, neighbors, or friends for his great handling of my new roof and getting the damage to the ceiling done as fast as they could. He was very professional in handling it all. If I ever have a need for future work, I will be calling Ron. It has been a worry-free experience working with Regal and our insurance company. Thanks again for your professional coordination of this project.”

Kermit and Ruby Bidwell

“Our experience in dealing with Brett “exceeded expectations”. He literally took care of everything in a friendly and professional manner.   From the initial evaluation of the roof, dealing with our insurance company and installing the roof which included upgrades to meet new code requirements, we were very pleased and satisfied. I would recommend him to any and all who need a new roof.”

Francis Quinn

“Loved the quality of the work performed by Regal Restoration. Al was great through the entire process. We had a new roof installed as well as some drywall fixed in 3 different places inside our home. We could not be happier with the work. I would highly recommend Regal Restoration to anyone.”

Doug Fincher

“We recently had our roof replaced with Regal Restoration. Brett Stusak with Regal worked with us and made the process so easy. He showed up on time for any appointment, kept in close touch through texts and thoroughly guided us every step of the way. We never once felt we were being taken down a shady road. I have and will continue to recommend Brett and Regal Restoration to anyone who needs a roof.”

Diane Pike

“Our 15 year old home had bad shingles. We had been approached several times by folks wanting to put on a new roof for free…but I was wary of their approach. A Regal rep came by and explained the process, and so began a wonderful experience. Soon, we were contacted by Brett Stusak, and he walked us through every detail, even calling our insurance rep himself. We only paid our deductible for a new roof. It changed the entire look of our home. Brett made sure everything was done just so. On the day of the install, I came home to find a few nails, but no damage to anything around the house. I am grateful to the entire team for a great experience. And to think we almost missed out.

Jeff Luke

“I was extremely happy with the new roof Regal Restoration installed in March, 2015. Their sales representative, Brett , was very professional, knowledgeable and personable. He was able to answer all my questions and educate me about the process. He also worked with my insurance company to get me the best compensation. They removed the existing roof, installed the new roof and cleaned up the entire area all in the same day.

I was self employed in the food service industry for 26 years so I am not easily impressed with today’s standard of customer service. I can honestly say that this company’s workmanship, customer service, professionalism and integrity far surpassed my expectations. I would highly recommend Regal to anyone looking for an honest, trustworthy and highly professional construction company.”

Anne Schick

“Highly recommended! This how you want ALL of your service providers to perform. Eric is the best and TOTALLY committed to making sure everything is done to the highest standard and ALL problems resolved, including your insurance claim denial!

I had the infamous Atlas Chalet shingles on my roof that had really started to show distress after only 9 years – helped by the hail-storm about 5 years ago. The roof was clearly damaged, so I filed a claim and that started the typically bulls..t with my insurance company, USAA. Of course they denied the claim which is standard operating procedure for almost all insurance companies. This is because they are playing a numbers game based on the fact that most people will accept the claim denial, to the financial benefit of the insurance company of course.

This is where you, with a great deal of help from Regal, have to get to work with the knowledge and documentation necessary to dispute your claim denial. Regal has done this dance many times before and looking back, it is kind of funny at the totality of ammunition that they provided. Once my insurance company received my personal letter outlining certain facts, along with my indignation that they would treat their customers in such a callous manner, accompanied by supporting documents provided by Regal, it took exactly one day to overturn the denial in my favor. Pretty darn impressive to be sure, but you have to challenge the insurance company in the proper manner and Regal was instrumental in the preparation for doing so.

My roof shingle installation had a little drama associated with it. There was a mistake in that the wrong tar paper underlayment material was delivered and was starting to be installed. It was the usual underlayment used on almost all jobs, but I had ordered an upgraded version. Once discovered, the section of new shingles that had been installed were removed and reinstalled with the upgraded underlayment with no additional cost to me. Eric said, “If that’s what we agreed on, then that’s what we’ll do, regardless of cost.” Wow! When’s the last time you heard a contractor say that!?

Mother Nature also contributed her 2-cents by providing a true monsoon like storm the same night my install started – the weather was really crazy here in Cumming for a few weeks before and after the install. Regal was smart to take the precaution of removing only half of my old roof just in case of rain. Still, rain got past the tarps on the roof due to high winds that accompanied the storm, so my kitchen ceiling got a little watered damaged. Regal fixed that as well – no problem.

They did exactly what they said they would, handled all problems expediently and courteously. And proved that their reputation was paramount above all else. Call them without hesitation!!!

Barney S.

Read Enough Reviews?


“We are extremely satisfied with our roof installation we would recommend Regal to anyone”

Hal Arnold

“I just wanted to let you know that from the 1st conversation with Deon to the final clean-up, I have found Regal to be a highly competent and professional company to work with. Deon’s expertise helped us to easily deal with the insurance company. The skill and workmanship used for our roof replacement was outstanding. I’m very happy to recommend Regal to our neighbors and friends.”


North Carolina

“From the very beginning to the end, everyone was nothing but professional and so kind. Eric Broome was the first one from Regal to knock on our door and it was so refreshing to have someone just being straightforward and not pushing for the sale (in the 2.5 years we have lived here, we have had at least half a dozen roofing companies come along). Then Matt Chism took over the process and he was so great to work with. Always staying in touch and he really maintained great communication the whole time. His positive attitude certainly did not go unnoticed either! The day the new roof was being installed, Sarah Cool stopped by to make sure everything was going smoothly. Again, another employee with a positive, upbeat attitude! (Matt was there as well, but we had to leave before he arrived and didn’t get back until after everything was finished up) The people and culture from Regal are par none in our opinion. And to top it all off, we received a hand written thank you note! The Regal team we worked with was fantastic, so thank you very much for making a “not so fun process” be nothing but positive and 100% worry free. Now, there are Regal signs in 2 or 3 of our neighbors yards and we are so happy to know they will be very well taken care of just as we were!”

Heather and Copy Simpson

“Service was fantastic and job done well and on time. Communication was thorough. We had a lot of expensive landscaping done near the house which included a creek, waterfall and koi pond. They took great effort with a tarp the size of a football field along with a ton of ropes to protect it. Nothing was damaged and I was very impressed. I’d highly recommend this company.”

Kevin Moore

“Our experience with Regal Restoration was phenomenal! Our salesman Brett Stusak walked us through every step and was so knowledgeable about working with insurance companies that we didn’t have to do a thing .I would highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Hallie Henrickson

“During the past year, at least 15 representatives from roofing companies rang my doorbell, told me my shingles were defective, and offered to fix my roof at a discount. Since the trustworthiness of roofers in general is lower than it is for any groups except used car salesmen and congress people, I ignored each offer.

Then, Colleen from Regal Restoration Services in Kennesaw rang my doorbell with a different pitch. She explained that since the kind of shingles on my roof had developed so many problems, they were no longer manufactured. Since they were no longer manufactured, there was no way to replace them with a similar style. Because of this, some insurance companies were willing to replace the entire roof for just the cost of the deductible. She offered a free inspection to determine if we were eligible.

We set up the inspection, Nick checked out the roof, said he believed there were enough damaged shingles to make us eligible, and asked what we wanted to do.

We went to the Internet, Angies List, friends, and neighbors to check out our shingles and Regal. We learned that we wouldn’t be able to sell our house without replacing the shingles. We found that though Regal is a relatively new company, its management has many years of experience. We also discovered that the reviews for Regal were better than for most roofers, and so we decided to give Regal a try. It’s a good thing we did.

Nick and the construction team were on time for every appointment, answered questions I had about roofs that no one else ever had, and completed the job — and clean up — on our 2000 square-foot roof in a day.

Today, we have a new roof for the cost of our insurance deductible. This never would have happened without the considerable knowledge, skill, and experience Nick has in working with insurance companies.

I don’t know whether roofers in general deserve a bad reputation, but I know that Regal could not be better, more professional, or more pleasurable to work with and that’s saying something. I don’t know many people who describe replacing their roof as a pleasure.

Art Edwards

“Regal Restoration replaced my storm damaged roof last summer. They were great and professional at all times. They worked wonderful with my insurance company which made it much easier for my self. I would highly recommend them for your roofing job.”

Vera Newman

“We had a great experience with Regal. Shawn was very personable and professional. He was extremely helpful with our insurance company. He explained the whole process early on, and was always available when I needed to ask him questions. Open and honest communication is very important to us when dealing with contractors. I would use these guys all the time!”

Kom Momeni

“Regal replaced my damaged roof and Paul and his team were the best to work with my insurance company! Would not hesitate to refer them to anyone ! Highly professional group ! I was 110% satisfied with their work.”

Pete Charette

“Regal Restoration is THE business to use. We needed a new roof and they delivered. Nick Ferris handled our project from inspection to working with the insurance company to seamlessly get the project approved, scheduled quickly and completed as promised. All parties have been pleasant and professional.”

Laura Reece