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Wind and hail, the biggest threats to your roof system!

For decades now, we have all known that a significant hail or wind storm can damage a roof, and that we can file an insurance claim to get it replaced.

But, how significant?  How much hail?  Does the hail have to be big?  How fast does the wind have to blow?  Does it have to be a tornado?

What if your roof starts leaking, but you haven’t had a storm in months?  Could the storm have caused damage that took some time to rear its head?

Will the insurance claim pay enough money to fix the damage?  What if it doesn’t pay enough?

Trust us, this gets a lot easier once Regal is involved!

We have completed THOUSANDS of full roof replacements through insurance claims.  We know the answers to all of your questions, and a few more questions that you haven’t thought of yet.

Let’s start at the beginning.  First, we will send a roof inspector to your house to inspect for damage.  This isn’t some gimmicky drone inspection!  Drone technology is definitely improving, but it just can’t do everything that a professional inspector can (yet).  We have Haag Engineering Residential Certified Inspectors ready to get a ladder and safety equipment, step onto your roof, and provide you with a professional roof inspection.  Anything of concern will be photographed and documented, so that we can show you all of the issues with your roof system, storm-related or not, and suggest the best course of action.

Second, we will discuss the best next steps for your roof.

  • Should you file a claim?
  • Is the damage caused by a storm?
  • Should the roof be repaired, or does it need to be replaced?
  • Is there even any damage?

We hire roof inspectors, not salespeople, to go over the best options for you and your home.  If filing a claim is the best option, then we file it with you.  After all, we do this every day, and you don’t!  We are used to the insurance company’s questions!

At this point, the insurance company will send out an adjuster to review the damage.  Well, usually.  Some adjusters know us well enough that we can simply send the same photographs that we showed you.  But, most of the time, they need to visit your home.  We will meet the adjuster there to ensure that all of our observations are addressed.

In almost every case, the claims that we help our customers file result in a full roof replacement.

You pick a color, and then we schedule the work.  So far, up until this point, our customers have had a couple of conversations, looked at some photos, and talked on the phone for a few minutes, all for a new roof.  That sounds easy, but it isn’t the best part.

  1. Regal negotiates the scope of work directly with your insurance carrier.  That means that if they won’t pay for something that your roof needs, we do the arguing, not you.
  2. Regal never charges a penny above the final negotiated price, so you know your MAXIMUM out of pocket expense before we ever begin the work.
  3. Regal accepts no money until the work is completed.  Not only do we not ask for it, we won’t even take it!

All of this, plus a professional roof installation from a company that is both an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, and a CertainTeed Select Shinglemaster, the two highest levels of certification from shingle manufacturers in the USA!