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A Brief History on Atlas Chalet Shingles

From the late 1990’s until 2010, Atlas Chalet shingles were installed on several thousands homes across the Southeast. The Atlas Chalet shingle was an innovative and popular product, because it was a 3-tab shingle designed to look like an architectural shingle, but without the higher architectural price tag.

Builders liked Atlas Chalet shingles because they could mark up the price of a home by advertising “architectural-style shingles” and pocket the extra money. Homeowners were happy because they thought they had a quality shingle on their home that was aesthetically pleasing. The Atlas Chalet shingle also came with a 30 year limited warranty. The quality of a shingle is often determined by how long its warranty is.

ITEL Homeowner's Personalized Roofing Match Report on Atlas Chalet Shingles

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Atlas Chalet Shingles Discontinued Because of Complaints

There have been numerous complaints of severe granule loss after just one or two years, and the Atlas Chalet shingle was discontinued in 2010 after allegations arose that it may be defective. Some insurance companies offered to only “repair” the Atlas Chalet shingles, rather than issue a full roof replacement. With Atlas Chalet shingles, a repair isn’t a possibility because there is no shingle like it. A full roof replacement is needed. Some insurance companies have even refused to offer homeowner’s insurance policies on a roof that has Atlas Chalet shingles.

For fear of having an uninsured home, several homeowners paid $10,000 or more out of their own pockets to replace all of their Atlas Chalet shingles. There are class action lawsuits against Atlas Roofing, but homeowners will have to wait years to be reimbursed for their damaged roofs, even if the lawsuits are a success.

If you are one of these homeowners, can you wait years to be reimbursed for damages to your home?

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Introducing Regal Restoration: Atlanta’s Atlas Chalet Shingle Specialists

Regal Restoration & Consulting is currently the longest running and most trusted Atlas Chalet Specialists in the Atlanta area because we are armed with the experience, knowledge, documents, and long-standing relationships with insurance carriers. Since 2011, our roofing company has specialized in Atlas Chalet shingle roof insurance claims throughout the Metro Atlanta area. All of our inspectors have the highest level of certification in the industry. Our inspectors are either Haag Engineering Certified inspectors or licensed insurance adjusters. Regal possesses the two highest levels of roofing certifications in the industry. We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning and a 5 Star Installer with CertainTeed. If you want positive results, call Regal. You can be assured that not only do we know the intricacies of insurance claims better than anyone, we can also install your roof with the full confidence of the shingle manufacturer of your choice.

Get Coverage For Your Atlas Chalet Shingle Roof Damage

As mentioned before, our roofing company knows everything about Atlas Chalet shingles, and we have great relationships with insurance carriers. We have very specific information for each insurance carrier, and that information is used to provide hard evidence that what we see can be categorized as a covered loss. Don’t let ANYONE on your roof that is simply a shingle installer. If you call “Chuck in a Truck” or “Dan in a Van,” you will join the dozens of customers who call us for help after your claim goes south. Call us first! A lot of people can lay a shingle, and do it very well, but not every roofer can detect covered damage, and help you through the process from start to finish. Our roofing company has replaced over 2500 Atlas Chalet shingle roofs in the Atlanta area since 2011, and we have no intention of slowing down. Every day that you wait to call could be the day that your roof finally leaks, or that your insurance company decides to change their policy on Atlas Chalet shingles. Don’t let yourself fall into an expensive situation that you can avoid. Call us today, learn the truth about the condition of your roof, and find out what we can do for you.

What we expect in return for our expertise, representation, and specialization:

All we want is your business!!!

The Terms:

We require no commitment unless we are able to obtain approval from your insurance company. A. If we do not feel we can obtain approval, we will not assist you in filing an insurance claim. We will, however, introduce you to the local Atlas manufacturing rep to remedy your situation to the best of their ability. B. If we feel we can obtain approval through insurance we will:

  • Assist you in filing a “No Fault” (act of God) claim.
  • Provide your carrier with the following:
    • Date of loss
    • Type of loss
    • Damage report
    • Our HAAG Engineering information
    • Any other required information
  • Meet with the adjuster
  • Help negotiate the claim directly with your insurance carrier
  • Guarantee to perform work for the exact amount and scope we negotiate with your insurance carrier.

Payment Terms:

1. We only require payment after all work is performed to customer satisfaction and the customer has received payment from their insurance carrier. 2. We will provide lien waivers and insurance certificates upon request prior to construction and allow the customer to hire a structural engineer to verify the construction is sound prior to payment. If issues are noted by the engineer, Regal will compensate the engineer for their services and remedy any concerns prior to customer payment.

Some Customer Reviews

Read what these homeowners who had Atlas Chalet shingles had to say about their experience with Regal.

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